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Want your customers to adopt alternate channels? Read on..

Inspite of ATM, Internet and Mobile channels being available for last 10 years in India, total number of transactions on alternate channels is very low compared to bank’s total transaction base. According to a BCG survey, active Internet banking accounts … Continue reading

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Cross-selling is not Proactive Customer Engagement

Sonia and Vishal sat on their couch sipping evening tea and flipping channels on TV. As she browsed channels, she reflected on her doctor appointment the day before. She is expecting their second child and is 40 days away from … Continue reading

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Smart Government and Technology

With Expo 2020 on the cards, Dubai rolled out Smart Government initiative. But what exactly is Smart Government? Smart Government is the ability of a Government to “Understand” the said/unsaid needs of its Customers (Citizens/Residents/Visitors); “design” solutions to address those … Continue reading

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Need something.. Just ask

Brought up in a family where asking was not considered to be a positive trait, I never developed the habit of asking. There is a saying in my language on asking and my mom told it to me ample times … Continue reading

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