3 Laws of Customer experience

Customer Experience – You type these words on the internet and boom! looks like everyone in the world is working to improve the Customer Experience, either for themselves or for others. There are so many frameworks/tools/models available. We at Lead On have tried to make it simple, as we always promise. So here are the 3 laws of Customer Experience.

1. Make – Offer – Maintain

Make your Customer Experience Strategy, decide what you want to stand for. Lot of organizations want to be customer centric, but they do not have a clear Customer experience strategy. Around 51% of customer experience leaders say that the lack of a customer experience strategy is their biggest barrier to their efforts.

Offer your strategy by guiding all available resources towards it. Your strategy is like your promise to the customer.

Maintain your offering across the life-cycle of the customer at all touch-points.

2. Enable – Engage – Empower

Enable your employees by bringing out the best in them. Give them opportunity and ambience to grow.

Engage them, show them the bigger picture, make them part of any change you want to bring in and tell them where they fit in. Only engaged employees can engage customers.

Empower your employees to solve customer issues. If I call an organization and the person I speak with has to turn to seniors for every little thing, my experience is certainly bad. We all know of Ritz Carlton policy where every employee (including cleaners) has a sanction of USD 2000 to solve any customer issue. And till date, no employee has ever used the full amount. This for sure tells me that they care about their customers.

3. Be Honest

And in doing all this, you have to be honest. Remember, people can see through your actions. Customer centricity can never be faked.


About artigupta

A mother of two adorable girls, I pride myself in being able to successfully balance my personal and professional life. I love my work, and believe in working on things that give me joy. My passion lies in adding value to people, be it through training, coaching or working with organisations to deliver better customer service. Life is too short and uncertain, live and let people live; be happy and spread as much happiness as you can.
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