Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping

As the name suggests, it is mapping Customer’s entire journey with an organization from his/her point of view. It is extremely important that the whole journey is mapped taking into consideration how customers perceive it. Journey mapping starts right from the point where a customer feels a need for the product/service that an organization offers and makes first contact with the organization. Starting from there, it traces the journey through complete pre-sales, sales, delivery, billing, usage and after-sales support stages.

Once journey is mapped, all touch-points are identified for each stage. Touch-points are the points where the customers touch an organisation in some way. Touch-points could be static like your marketing, advertisement or interactive like a call to call center, meeting with a sales executive. Breaking each stage into touch-points helps understand how an organisation is doing at each stage. Touch-points are the core to understanding, creating and delivering a superior Customer Experience.

Extensive research is done to understand and identify touch-points as happy points, pain points or critical points. Happy points are the points where the organisation is doing a decent job and customers are happy. Pain points are the one which are causing pain to the customers and to the organisation. Critical points are the points which are critical to the relationship between customers and the organisation.

Seen above is a sample journey map for a retail banking customer. It starts from need generation where the customer feels the need for opening a bank account, does research on options available, shortlists the banks and moves to visit the branch. Depending on the experience at each stage with various providers in the shortlist, customer keeps dropping options and activates the account with the bank that provides the best experience.

In todays fast times, an organisation is as good as the last experience it delivered to a customer. Hence it becomes extremely important for organisations to have a holistic view of a customer’s journey with them, identify key touch-points and deliver consistently superior experience at those touch-points.


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