Delivering wow to customers


I come across two questions whenever I talk about delivering wow to customers. First question organisations have is, “How do we deliver this wow”? And the second one is “How do we do it consistently”? I will take them one by one.

Delivering WOW

The first step to deliver WOW is to decide where you would like to deliver the wow? Which touch-points you would like to focus on? Which touch-points would differentiate you from competitors and give you most advocates?

Once you decide the touch-points, you need to define the exact experience you would like to deliver. Then work inward on people, processes and systems to deliver that predefined wow. A wow experience can be delivered by focusing on some very simple things as well, like addressing people by their name when they call your contact center, calling back customers after an interaction with your organization to know how their experience was, increasing the speed of service, empathizing with them or using technology to create personalized experiences and designing services keeping the customer persona in mind.

One simple rule to deliver wow is to convert a “Moment of anxiety” for a customer into “Moment of surprise”.

I was once traveling with my infant kid. When I checked in for the flight, I was very anxious as we have all seen crying kids on flights. The flight group staff checking me in sensed the anxiety and blocked the seat next to me, so that I had more space for myself. This was a wow moment and it really helped me in the travel.

Delivering WOW consistently

There are a few challenges in delivering WOW to customers on a consistent basis like developing a wow culture across the organization and keeping employees motivated at all times. Also, delivering wow every time raises the expectations of your customers so you have to surpass your own benchmarks. This can be a daunting task for any organization and the key is to keep employees engaged, sensitize them to customer issues, create a sense of belonging, empower them and design processes for formal and informal rewards. And while doing all this, be sincere to your customers as well as employees.

Bottomline: Delivering wow needs a pro-active outside-in approach. It is not an outcome of your processes or a CRM system.


About artigupta

A mother of two adorable girls, I pride myself in being able to successfully balance my personal and professional life. I love my work, and believe in working on things that give me joy. My passion lies in adding value to people, be it through training, coaching or working with organisations to deliver better customer service. Life is too short and uncertain, live and let people live; be happy and spread as much happiness as you can.
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