Energiser or Energy sucker – What are you?

Last week I had a very good day at work. I met someone for the first time and after meeting him I felt super happy and energised. We did not really discuss any business proposition, which could have made me happy. It was the sheer energy of this person which rubbed on me. I came home and had to work on a presentation for the next day. My energy level was so high that I could barely concentrate. So, I decided to go for a walk. While walking, I bumped into an acquaintance. After exchanging 5-7 minutes of pleasantries and small talk, we went our ways. And suddenly I felt that all my energy had vanished. That was the first time I encountered such a clear difference between Energisers and Energy suckers.

We all know people in both categories. It is important to be aware and make a conscious decision of creating an ecosystem where Energisers outnumber the Suckers. Remember you are the average of 5 people you spend time with. So, the best way is to surround yourself with energisers and embark on the journey of becoming one.

Qualities of Energisers

1. Positivity – Energisers are extremely positive in life. They have the ability to learn from negative experiences and flip the page over. They understand that they cannot undo the past, they can only work on the future.

2. Enthusiastic – They exhibit energy in the way they talk, walk and carry themselves.

3. Mindfulness – Energisers are mindful of their surroundings and their actions, at all times.

4. Listeners – Diehard listeners, they give you their 100% attention when they are with you.

5. Compliment – In their conversation with you, they find out at least one thing that sets you apart. And they make sure that they let you know that they are aware of it by complimenting you rightly at the right time.

Quality of Energy suckers

1. Negativity – The main attribute which differentiates Energy suckers from Energisers is the lack of positivity in their talks. When you have a conversation with them, negative talks outnumber the positive talks. They are always ready to share the pain of their life and their challenges.

2. Self talk – Energy suckers are more interested in talking about themselves.

3. Pathetic Listeners – They are really bad at listening. They would ask you a question and start talking before you finish your talk. They suffer with low attention and focus.

4. Victims – Energy suckers behave as if they are in the worst situation in this world. They compare themselves with everyone around and increase their misery.

Fortunately most of us fall in between these two categories. It is good to be aware of these qualities which set the two apart. Practice being an “Energiser” and consciously stay away from “Energy suckers” as much as possible. 

I would love to hear your experiences with different kind of people.


About artigupta

A mother of two adorable girls, I pride myself in being able to successfully balance my personal and professional life. I love my work, and believe in working on things that give me joy. My passion lies in adding value to people, be it through training, coaching or working with organisations to deliver better customer service. Life is too short and uncertain, live and let people live; be happy and spread as much happiness as you can.
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