About me

So finally, I am here writing my own blog after years of thought and intent. As a kid, I always thought I was not creative. So when my husband asked me to start writing, my first reaction was of surprise. He felt that I was decent at it (maybe looking at all the letters I wrote to him).

Today I decided that I would give it a try. If nothing, it would help me unwind and collect my thoughts. So, let me start with writing a bit about me. I was born and brought up in New Delhi, capital of India (in news for a lot of wrong reasons off late). My parents told me only one thing – You are doomed if you do not study. Getting into an engineering or a medical college was the only thing back then. Not knowing what my real passion was at that time, I went ahead with the aim of getting into a good college and then a good job.

I find Indian society is so contradictory when it comes to educating the girl child. As a kid, you tell them to study, you give them all aspirations in life. And when they reach 25 years of age, just settling in their careers, you ask them to marry and one year later to have kids. Something similar happened with me. My parents asked me to marry when I was 25 years old. I was not too ready, but I told my mom to go ahead and let me know if she finds someone interesting(since I really did not know anyone I wanted to marry). She kept looking and even before I could say something, my parents or my brothers would find something “not so good” about the “would be groom”. So my life carried on with all the freedom.

Finally I met my husband in year 2004. I knew him for years actually, but the realization that he would be a good partner dawned very late on me. Got married in 2004 and then the period of huge investment started. I believe that if you show patience in first few years and invest good time in nurturing your relationship, understanding each other, then the results are life-long. Me & Gaurav (my husband) have always been more like long time companions.  We are both fire signs, but we still manage to live happily under one roof. We understand each other and our limits very well. We agree to disagree and respect each other for what we are. So life is good. In April 2008, God blessed us with Radhika and in 2009 came Nandita. I remember meeting a friend who has two daughters before Nandita was born. I told her that she is more blessed than me with two daughters. I can never forget how I adored looking at both of them. I guess God really heard me that day and blessed us with another super cute girl. So now, this is our family…. Radhika in black and Nandita in pink.

Seeing them play together is such a bliss… no words can explain that. I always missed having a little sister as a baby. Now I am so glad that my kids have such a great company. When I am at work, I do not feel bad. I know they are having a gala time at home.

Below is a video of my dolls.. my younger one is singing.. I guess its falling in love…

If you want to know of my work, please visit my Linkedin here.


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